Your cordless house phone is wireless ...Your cell phone is wireless ...Your laptop is wireless why are you still using a wired internet connection ?!!

FrodosLair.Net is proud to announce that Thanks to

George Lynn is now an IPv6 Guru and I now have IPv6 internet access!

In addition to the IPv6 certification I am also CompTIA A+

and Network+ certified!

Do you have IPv6 access?....Does your Business?

Is your web site available to IPv6 users??

If not then you REALLY need a dual stack host!

For more information or to see what other services

I can provide for you or your business please

click on some of the links on the left.

Browse my web site for more information about Frodo'sLair.Net.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with

me about purchasing technical/repair service or any

of the many on-line services we provide, please e-mail me at: or call Me(George Lynn) at 484-802-9950.

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